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How to Capture Sydney's Limitless Joie De Vivre in a Single Luxurious Location

If you thought the days of living in grand old style with a full staff dedicated to satisfying your every whim and fancy were long past (except for the uber-wealthy, A-list celebrities or episodes of Downton Abbey), think again.

If you’re lucky enough to own one of the extraordinary apartments at Castle Residences on Sydney’s Castlereagh Street, this ultimate lifestyle is well within your grasp.

Not only does each residence embody a refined architectural aesthetic and bespoke interior design (by award-winning architects Candelapas Associates and StudioAria, respectively), its proximity to Sydney’s new world-class Porter House Hotel means you can call on services beyond the reach of most ordinary mortals at a moment’s notice.

The new Porter House Hotel is for lovers of life, literature and culture. It’s unique design, signature services and gracious rituals allow you to enter into another world, one that you can now call your own.

A colonial 5-storey masterpiece built in 1876 overlooking Hyde Park this iconic fixture of old-Sydney will ensure luxury living in rarefied to the special few.

Request wait staff serve you and your guests mouth-watering chef-cooked meals in your own city pied é terre. Get exclusive access to the Porter House sommelier and well-stocked cellar. Luxuriate in an in-room spa or wellbeing treatment. Or simply ask the concierge to solve one of life’s little conundrums for you –  s/he is at your complete disposal.

All has been taken into consideration, down to minutest of details. Porter House staff can even create particularly memorable moments you can treasure for a lifetime – perhaps in the form of small hotel gifts or the opportunity to engage in a once-in-a-lifetime experience – a special candlelit dinner or a helicopter ride above the Harbour. Whatever your moment, such extraordinary touches bring an authentic passion for the art de vivre to your Castle Residences home.

As a resident, you can also access all of the Hotel exquisite spaces, including using the luxury hotel lobby. An inviting social space to relax, meet up with friends and colleagues or even catch up on work, this artfully appointed extra ‘Living Room' is both elegant and comfortable.

Pull a book from the shelf, sink into a comfortable armchair and soak in the atmosphere. Indulge in some people watching or take a minute to gather your thoughts before you start your busy day. Canapés and cocktails are even served here in the afternoon – the return of a refined ritual that adds a little apéro chic to your everyday.

Afterwards, move your coterie to one of the many high-end wine bars, spiced whisky joints or feted restaurants that abound at the foot of Castle Residences. Or merely retire your party to your pied é terre balcony looking across Hyde Park’s leafy green canopy and the lights of the inner city, pick up the phone and have the best of Sydney brought to you, tout suite.

C'est vivre dans le luxe!

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